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for Tally Users.

"Now Tally in your pocket also"
User Guide and Info
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Software & App Features

Operate your tally software when and where you require without boundation of sitting in office

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Entry from App

  • Create Purchase order, Purchase and Purchase returns
  • Create Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales return
  • Create Payment, Received and journal Voucher
  • All These entries auto sync with your tally data
  • Share all vouchers and orders and invoices Via WhatsApp. Email etc.
  • Operate your Tally via mobile technology from anywhere.
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    Multiple Reports Display

  • Display financial reports like Trial Balance. Profit & Loss a/c, Balance Sheet etc.
  • Multiple reports related accounts as Day Book, Purchase and sales Register, ledgers etc.
  • Multiple reports of Stock related as Stock Summary, Stock Item details, Item Movement, order reports, Godown Summary etc
  • All reports can be shared via WhatsApp, Email etc.
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    Outstanding Management & Dashboard Reports

  • Receivables and Payables reports
  • Outstanding reports Ledger wise, Group wise, Ageing wise
  • Outstanding management with follow up remarks and history
  • Brief important information display on Dashboard like Total Sales, Today’s Sales, Yesterday’s Sales and many more…
  • About Us

    Hawks is a mobile app developer to provide mobility for Tally software’s user (for India’s most using accounts and inventory software). From this mobile apps user can use their Tally software on his mobile which is securely synchronised with their Tally software and allowing it to access their Tally data anywhere and anytime, even when their office is closed or Tally is offline. Hawks is providing only most demanding features via mobile (we are not developing any features in Tally). Hawks mobile app can be used only authorised Tally users.


    “Now Tally is in your pocket also”
    Today Tally software is using by millions of users across industries in India and as well as abroad due to their product beauty and user friendly Via their laptops and desktop machines etc. Our main aim is that all these user can use their Tally software without boundation of sitting in office or informing their desktop/laptops. They can use their Tally software, when and where they require, via on their mobile also.

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    Tally users can view their Tally data with multiple required business reports and make them running business with quick decisions outside their offices with mobile technology. We are providing facility to work, out of office or in field by input various kinds of entries like order picking, payment receiving, purchase and sales etc. Via this mobile App, we have tried to provide some separated important information’s like Dashboard, outstanding reports with follow up dates and their history to collect dues on time from markets. This mobile App is suitable for all Tally users like business owners, Senior management, Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Tax Practioners and Field staffs etc.

    Our Best Pricing Plan

    ₹ .00 / 5 Days
    ₹ 2700.00 / 12 Months

    User Guide and Info

    Setup Steps

    Download our Desktop tool and sync your organisations from here. Download For Data Sync
    Install this tool on your Tally server machine and login on our Desktop tool to sync your data once (Remember the licensed version Tally and companies which you want to sync should be opened on your computer).
    Select the company and press sync button. It will take few minutes in first time syncing, after that data will sync auto in background.

    Other Information

    1. This App only work when you have got legal license of Tally software.
    2. This mobile App will run on that mobile only for which you have purchased license(one license = one mobile)
    3. If you want to run on another mobile then you have to buy separate license for same.
    4. In single user Tally the app may be used by Max. three user (Ideal for Owner, Accountant and Tax consultant)
    5. In Multi user Tally may be used “n” number of licenses.
    6. One Tally license user can load maximum 3 company’s data.
    7. Currently it is working on Android platform only.
    8. Desktop tool and mobile App can be used only with the limited features (Entries, Reports, Outstanding management and Owner Dashboard) which are available as shown in trial, Further, any kind of change can’t be possible according to user’s demands.
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